Unlocking your FNFT Manually

Sometimes the Revest System encounters bugs that may make it difficult to withdraw your unlocked FNFT. But fear not, as these are purely front-end bugs, not with our smart contracts, and you will be able to unlock your FNFT and claim the assets if you follow this simple tutorial.

Step 1: Your FNFT

Unlocking your FNFT manually simply means making a call to our smart contracts directly instead of using our interface. This may seem difficult, but it's not. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Find the FNFT ID that you would like to withdraw. This can be found on the FNFT directly, or in your wallet.

  2. Find the supply of the FNFT that you would like to withdraw. This can also be found in your wallet, in the minting Transaction, or on the website.

Step 2: Etherscan

  1. Go to https://etherscan.io if your FNFT is on Mainnet Ethereum, or the etherscan affiliate associated with your desired network.

  2. Go to the Contract address for the main Revest Controller on your desired network. The address for this contract can be found here

Step 3: Connecting your Wallet

  1. Traverse on Etherscan to the "Contract" and then "Write Contract" Tab

  1. Connect your Wallet. We recommend Metamask because it is the most stable and widely used but this is up to you. Just Ensure that your wallet is connected and the "Connect to Web3" button is now green

  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select the dropdown labeled withdrawFNFT. You should see to input bars

  3. In the first input, please insert the ID of the FNFT you would like to withdraw (ex. 1234).

  4. In the second input, please insert the number of FNFTs you would like to withdraw. If it is a staking FNFT, the number will be 1.

  5. Click Write. Your Wallet should open and prompt you to confirm a transaction. If this does not succeed, or your wallet returns a "cannot estimate gas" error, please open up a ticket in our discord and someone will be with you shortly to to help.

  6. Wait for your transaction to confirm and watch your FNFT be burned, and funds be returned to your wallet.

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