How to withdraw from an unlocked FNFT

This page will show you how to withdraw your assets from an FNFT once it has unlocked. For this demonstration we will be using a basic time lock FNFT that has reached its maturity and is ready for ass

We will start by taking a look at our time lock FNFT, if the FNFT is green it means that the time lock has reached its maturity. Now that the FNFT is green, we can safely withdraw our underlying assets from the FNFT.

The next step for withdrawal is clicking on the FNFT, at this point you can see the FNFT configuration information and see that it is indeed unlocked.

The next step is to scroll down until we can see the "Withdraw" button.

After clicking on "Withdraw" you will be prompted with a transaction in your metamask wallet. You will have to click "Confirm" and pay the gas fee in order to withdraw the underlying assets from your FNFT.

After clicking "Confirm" you will have to wait for the transaction to be completed on the ethereum blockchain. While you wait for the transaction to complete, your will notice it says "Withdrawing" where you previously clicked "Withdraw".

Once your assets have been successfully withdrawn from your FNFT and the transaction has been confirmed on the ethereum blockchain, they will return to your metamask wallet. You will also notice where it previously said "Withdrawing" it will say "Your NFT has been withdrawn".

After you have successfully withdrawn the assets from your FNFT and they are in your metamask wallet. You will also notice that your FNFT has disappeared from the gallery, as it has served its purpose and no longer has any functions.

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