Tokenomics and Distribution

Revest token (RVST)

RVST, the token underpinning the Revest platform, serves three purposes:

  1. To earn a share of the revenue generated by the fees incurred by users of the Revest platform.

  2. To receive discounts on fees based on the number of tokens held

  3. To participate in the governance of the Revest Protocol.



The total supply of RVST will be 100,000,000 tokens.

RVST Launch Timeline

Unlike most protocols in the crypto space, Revest will launch with a fully functional product. The platform will be demonstrated during the seed round, which will start on June 30, 2021, and the public reservation event, which will begin on the 21st of September and run for three (3) days. The Reservation Event will take the form of a batch auction.

Marketing and Staking

Marketing and Staking tokens will go towards several incentive programs over the first 6 months following launch, as well as to RVST stakers during the Beta period, during which user fees will not be charged. Incentives will come in the form of referral rewards, competitions, and giveaways. 2.5M RVST tokens have been set aside as staking rewards for the first 6-12 weeks of the Protocol's operation, during which fees will be disabled and the protocol in Open Beta.

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