Reservation Event

Yes, you will get to participate

Batch Auction Structure

The 3-day Revest Reservation Event is designed to offer fair and accessible token distribution to members of the Revest community. 33,000,000 (33M) RVST will be made available to the public during this event. The Reservation Event will function as a batch auction, where the cost of RVST in ETH is determined by taking the total amount of RVST (33M) and dividing it by the total amount of ETH raised.

Example: 33,000,000 RVST divided by 5,000 ETH gives a price of 6,600 RVST per 1 ETH

There is no minimum allocation or individual preparation needed to participate in the Reservation Event.

The Reservation Event will run from 10 AM EST, 21st September 2021 to 10 AM EST, 24th September 2021.

The Reservation Event will be hosted on the Revest website.


Following the conclusion of the Reservation Event, the Ethereum gathered during it and the Seed Round will be used to fund a liquidity pool on Uniswap such that the launch value of the RVST token is 10% higher on Uniswap than it was during the Reservation Event.

Tokens will be made available to claim immediately following the creation of this Uniswap pool. Reservation Event participants will have immediate access to 100% of the RVST they have acquired during the Reservation Event, while Seed Round participants will have token availability pursuant to the vesting schedule described in the White Paper.

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